La Linea Inexorable: Curro Gonzalez


The Department of Avant-Garde Clichés presents Spanish artist Curro Gonzalez from February 4 to March 10 2012, featuring a wide selection of prints inspired by the inexorable line of imagination, drawing forth rich layers of reality magical in their complex reading.

Taken simultaneously at a glance, the prints of Curro Gonzalez have the same dynamic as dramatic mise-en-scènes that invite the audience to come and engage the narrative told.  They are a montage of individual episodes that without knowing the contextual story appear as abstract events in themselves.  The images involved leave a trail of clues, symbols that are tied to a particular meaning while appearing distinctly nothing in particular.  Hence, they stand on their own, autonomous within the sphere of their meaning, strong in their appearance.  Some images form like abstract patterns, others like isolated incidents caught in the act, some have background information where another set of signs layered above create an inter-textual relation, while some are juxtaposed parallel to each other as if forcing the viewer to make a choice.  Altogether the works make a complex weaving of choices, a rich garden of forking paths a la Borges, or the carnivalesque mystery brewed by Brueghel and Goya.  Each image evokes a certain reading that veers away from a singular narrative line that in turn become multiple points of access, points of renewed experience.