Lyra Garcellano : Ballads


Touted as one of Philippines rising contemporary artist, Garcellano has produced new works from her signature theme of imprinted females, blurred delicately into the background by their floral frocks. Her usage of pastel colors is another mainstay that heightens the femininity of her works. It is this sense of intimate, ethereal portraits embellished with motifs that has garnered her faithful followers.

Like before, Garcellano protagonist rest at a vulnerable state, somewhat gazing blankly into the distance, almost at a state of semi-consciousness. They are partially covered by a blanket exposing themselves to the environment conditioned by social conventions, nationality and gender. Images of hollowed-out shape like ghosts are a vessel for viewers to project themselves into Garcellano narratives.

Garcellano recent works are somewhat a small departure from her older works with her generous usage of red pastels. Scale of works in this exhibition are also considerably larger than her previous shows. It was during her 2011 artist residency at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute where she became more confident and reassuring of brighter hues. Her works at RKFA (Kuala Lumpur) will definitely be a pleasant surprise for collectors.